How to get 10 Rs Airdrop in Free Fire?

Airdrops are special in-game items that can be obtained in the mobile game Free Fire through various methods, such as completing missions or events, participating in special promotions, or purchasing diamonds. Airdrops can contain multiple items, such as weapons, equipment, and consumables, and they can help provide players with the resources they need to succeed in the game.
It is not possible to obtain a 10 RS airdrop in Free Fire. Free Fire Mod is a free-to-play game, and all in-game items, including airdrops, can be obtained through in-game activities or the purchase of diamonds, the game’s premium currency. Airdrops cannot be purchased with real-world money, and there is no way to buy an airdrop for 10 RS or any other amount.
Instead of trying to purchase an airdrop for a specific amount of money, focus on completing missions and events, participating in special promotions, or buying diamonds to increase your chances of obtaining airdrops and other in-game items.

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