why is he always active on instagram

There are a few reasons why someone might appear to be “always active” on Instagram:

  1. They have the app open on their phone: If someone has the Instagram app open, it will show that they are active on the platform. Even if they are not actively using the app, it will still show that they are online.
  2. They have push notifications turned on: If someone has push notifications turned on for Instagram, they will receive notifications for activity on the platform. This can make it seem like they are always active, even if they are not using the app.
  3. They have the “Activity Status” feature turned on: Instagram has an “Activity Status” feature that shows when a user was last active on the app. If someone has this feature turned on, it will show when they were last active on the app, even if they are not currently using it.

It is important to note that just because someone appears to be active on Instagram does not necessarily mean they are actively using the app. There could be various reasons why they seem to be online, and it is best not to make assumptions about someone’s activity on the platform.

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