What is Afk Warning in Free Fire?

In the mobile game Free Fire, AFK stands for “away from the keyboard.” AFK warning is a feature that prevents players from going “AFK” (leaving their device unattended) during a match. If a player is inactive for a certain period, they may receive an “AFK” warning message, reminding them to return to the game.
If a player remains inactive and does not respond to the AFK warning, they may be removed from the match, and their team may be at a disadvantage. AFK warnings are intended to encourage players to stay active and engaged in the game and to prevent other players from being disadvantaged by teammates who are not participating in the match.
It is important to remember to stay active and engaged in Free Fire matches and to respond to AFK warnings if they are received. Players who go AFK or ignore AFK warnings may be subject to consequences such as account bans or other penalties.

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