Beatstar MOD APK v27.0.4.105 (Gems, Always Perfect)

App NameBeatstar - Touch Your Music
PublisherSpace Ape
Latest Version27.0.4.105


You may play the fantastic music game Beatstar MOD APK with your pals. The music is excellent, and the gameplay is straightforward. The game is a fantastic way to have fun and kill time. You can easily concentrate on the gameplay because of the attractive and tidy visuals. You may play a variety of different modes in the game. The first is the traditional mode, which requires you and your buddies to perform particular songs. Try out and enjoy a variety of additional tasks. The game is highly recommended since it features great gameplay and a soundtrack.

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Beatstar APP

About Beatstar MOD APK

Playing alongside your favorite musicians is possible in the entertaining rhythm game Beatstar. In this game, you begin as a beginner guitarist and advance through playing concerts and collecting money. If you put enough effort into it, you can unlock every song and rank among the all-time greats! Every music lover who likes rhythm games or seeks a unique mobile gaming experience will find it to be an exhilarating experience. Because of its straightforward but pleasant gameplay, anyone can pick up this program and have fun without difficulty or aggravation. This game has been downloaded over 10 million times from the Google Play Store.

Features of Beatstar – Touch Your Music

You must keep up with the beat by tapping in time to achieve the highest score in this game. You may play this game online with friends to increase competition and obtain greater points. The amazing thing about this game is that it includes songs by many of your favorite musicians, like Taylor Swift, Justin Bieber, Ed Sheeran, Macklemore & Ryan Lewis, and many more! When playing this entertaining beat star mod apk game, there are also several areas that you may unlock as well!

Experience Rhythm Game

You may enjoy this game’s straightforward and enjoyable gameplay. You may perform individually, with friends, or with your favorite musicians in the most stimulating environment. The creators of Beat Saber and Bailout have created another beautiful environment! The protagonist of this rhythm game is a little robot that aspires to fame. He decides to perform himself to do this! In Beatstar MOD APK , you play by tapping buttons as they descend from above. To make it easier for you to always follow the pace of the music, you must keep up with the beat!

Music from your Favorite Artists

You may amass music from your favorite singers with the help of this game. Hence, you don’t have to pay to listen to or play your favorite songs! The eight music genres are pop, rock, country, hip hop/rap, R&B/soul, dancehall/reggaeton, and K-pop. There is something for everyone because each genre has its own unique style of music, and there is a wide variation within each one. The game’s gameplay is similar to that of other mobile rhythm games, including Tap Tap Revenge and Beat Fever, but it goes a step further by letting players adjust their controls in various ways.

 Music from your Favorite Artists

Play with Friends

It is a multiplayer video game. It’s a great method to collaborate musically with folks worldwide! app may play with friends, strangers, favorite musicians, and anyone worldwide! You may download and play it for free. You may either write your own song or select one from the others that other gamers have already written. You may even create original music videos that use gaming footage and visuals from the outside world (or use one of our pre-made videos).

Unlocked All Songs

This game allows you to unlock all songs and play with friends without internet connections. You can even play the game with robust sound systems. The gameplay is straightforward and enjoyable. You can create your own song or choose from its extensive collection of pieces created by other players worldwide. You can even make original music videos that combine gameplay footage with real-world images (or use one of our pre-made videos). It’s free to download and play.

 Unlocked All Songs

Exciting Experience Space

Space is a fantastic and enjoyable place to be. It’s a location where you can smile, have fun, unwind, and have a good time. Another excellent approach to getting away from recent events in your life is to go into space. This mod pack might be useful if you’ve recently struggled at work or home (or both).

Simple and Enjoyable Gameplay

Played with others, Beatstar MOD APK is a straightforward rhythm game. This game is enjoyable even if you’re not a musician, but it’s considerably more enjoyable if you are! Your goal is to touch the screen in time with the music. Observe the tempo of each song. If you’re playing alone, two circles and one arrow will move across them at various rates. Your objective is to tap where they meet as they get close to one another (but not before or after). If you’re playing with a friend, three circles and arrows will travel across them at various rates and intervals.


Try Beatstar MOD APK if you’re looking for a fun game on your mobile. It is a straightforward and fun rhythm game that is simple to learn yet challenging to master. It is of the highest caliber on the Google Play Store right now. The game has several stages, each with a distinctive melody and a difficult goal. It is appropriate for all ages because it is simple to play and operate. Download Beatstar immediately if you’re looking for something stimulating to keep your mind occupied.

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