Car Simulator 2 MOD APK (Unlimited money) 1.46.5

App NameCar Simulator 2
GenreOppanaGames FZC LLC
Latest Version230M


Car Simulator 2 MOD APK is a worthwhile download if you’re into racing. Download it immediately from the Google Play Store to start playing because it’s free! There is no problem if English isn’t your first language because the game has been translated into many other languages worldwide. This game is compatible with iOS and Android smartphones. The game has many different kinds of vehicles, including automobiles and trucks. To save lives, you can drive an ambulance or fire engine in some additional missions!

Car Simulator

About Car Simulator 2 MOD APK

In the game Car Simulator 2, you may drive about and discover the city. The player can select one of six automobiles, each with unique qualities and advantages. They may get a feel for the controls and gameplay during the first assignment, following which they will be free to move around the city without any constraints. Several mission kinds are available, ranging from straightforward objectives to racing jobs and more difficult assignments requiring combat with foes or pulling off stunts. This game, which works on all devices, was created by OppanaGames FZC LLC. On the Google Play Store, this game has been downloaded more than 5,000,000 times.

Features of Car Simulator 2

Users may compete against friends or strangers worldwide in the game’s single-player and online modes. Automobile Simulator 2 MOD APK‘s realistic physics and sound effects are highlighted by the detailed automobile models, giving gamers of all ages an engaging driving experience. Other standouts include arcade challenges like racing against other AI automobiles and thrilling tasks like courier deliveries or police pursuits. You may purchase whatever vehicle you desire with unlimited funds without having to earn them by carrying out particular activities.

Features of Car Simulator 2

3D open world.

This game has taken more than four years to develop, and it shows. Not only are the aesthetics amazing and an improvement over our original game, but we’re also referring to how you interact with the environment. In this open environment, you may drive your automobile wherever you wish, even off-road, if you want to do some jumps or attempt to elude pursuing law enforcement! You can travel wherever you want and wherever you like; just enjoy exploring! We provide a single-player game where you can earn money by completing objectives, in addition to an online version where you can compete against people from all around the world.

Online and single-player modes

Both online and single-player modes are available in the game. You may play online against players from all around the world. Playing the game with friends or other individuals you know is a social activity. Prepare to have fun! You can play by yourself in the single-player mode. This is a distinctive approach to playing a game where you may pay to go through objectives. Prepare to have fun!

Online and single-player modes

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Daily bonuses and quests

Daily bonuses are meant to thank you for overcoming several obstacles. We provide you with a fresh set of Daily Bonuses to accomplish every day. The more of them you encounter daily, the more quickly and effectively you may advance through the game. In Car Simulator 2, you can now gain prizes by completing quests. Players are frequently required to complete particular chores or go on particular adventures. While some quests require multiplayer action with friends or random people, others can only be completed in single-player mode.

Realistic physics and sound effects.

Realistic physics and sound effects will be included. The sound of an automobile engine is just as practical as its wheels striking concrete or gravel. Additionally, you can hear your rivals’ cars coming up behind you and getting closer and closer as they try to pass you!

Realistic physics and sound effects.

Exciting missions in the form of quests

You can drive wherever you wish in the game. There are no limitations, and the money gained can be used to purchase any of the many automobiles available. Additionally, gasoline can be purchased to keep your car running as you travel the globe. This is great software if you enjoy playing racing games or going to sporting events. Playing online by yourself or with friends is simple enough. This software will be useful in an emergency when someone needs assistance getting somewhere fast (or even just on a routine road trip), as its GPS displays where all the drivers are.

Unlimited Money

You may download our MOD APK and gain unlimited money. The greatest vehicles may be purchased, upgraded, and fully customized. In the game, money is used to buy new vehicles and upgrades. You cannot purchase anything in the game without money because it is expensive!


Unlimited Money

Free Shopping

Your character’s new clothes, accessories, and residences may all be purchased with the money. You can even update your vehicles. The game’s aesthetics and gameplay are both superb. The aesthetics and gameplay of the game are great. You’ll want to keep playing this game for hours because it is also incredibly addicting! The download and installation of the game are both free. However, some products require real money to buy.


We hope you’ve liked reading this and that it has given you a better idea of the applications for automobile simulators. The nicest thing about these games, in our opinion, is that you can play them without owning an automobile, which is why we made our app to make driving more accessible to everyone.

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