Cooking Mama MOD APK 1.93.0 (Unlimited Money)


App NameCooking Mama
PublisherOffice Create Corp.
Latest Version1.93.0

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Cooking Mama  MOD APK Let’s get to it! Players may build their own recipes by selecting and combining components from a list. Each component uniquely impacts the final meal; for instance, mint will help your dish chill down more rapidly so it may be served right away. Several culinary tools, such as knives and spatulas, can also cut or stir food as it cooks. Even small things like garnishes or decorations are acceptable! The game also offers three modes with various goals: While Original Recipe mode enables you to collaborate with friends or family to develop your recipe, Fast Play mode allows you to go through five levels without interruption.

Cooking Mama MOD APK

About Cooking Mama MOD APK

Let’s cook, Mother the Cook! In this cooking simulation game, you play as Mama, a chef who instructs you on preparing her favorite dishes. Simple dishes like fried eggs and noodles will teach you the fundamentals of cooking before you progressively proceed to more complex dishes like sushi and spaghetti bolognese. You must always be aware of the ingredients and tools you have on hand since each recipe has distinct requirements. With over 100 million downloads on the Google Play Store, this game is incredibly well-liked among players worldwide.

Minigames that include cooking food, baking sweets, frying eggs, or roasting meat make up the gameplay. Using various controls for various tasks, players use a stylus to drag and drop ingredients into pans or onto plates (such as shaking milk jugs or stirring pots). Mother, the player’s alter ego, will express her opinions on the performance.

Cooking Mama MOD APK About Cooking Mama MOD APK

Features of Cooking Mama: Let’s cook!

A cooking game for Android smartphones is called Cooking Mama APK. It is a cooking game in which you prepare meals by competing in mini-games. Playing little games might help you prepare meals. You may play this game and pretend to be a cook or chef. You may own a restaurant and provide food to clients. In Cooking Mama APK, you may also add numerous furnishings to the kitchen, like tables, chairs, and ovens.

Create an extensive and excellent restaurant

You may create your restaurant in Cooking Mama: Global Kitchen. While creating a restaurant, you may choose from various themes, alter your establishment’s exterior and interior design, and add furniture and decorations. When in “create mode,” you may accomplish this by tapping the menu symbol in the upper right corner of the screen.

Cook food by playing fun mini-games

You may engage in minigames to prepare meals. Each minigame has a distinct objective and degree of difficulty. The minigames can be played in any order, but you must finish them all to obtain the highest score for each dish. Try to finish each game as soon as possible to score more points! “Tap Tap” is the name of the first minigame. Tap the screen as soon as possible using your finger. The second game, “Guide,” asks you to tilt your smartphone to direct a shrimp down a path.

Cooking Mama MOD APK Cook food by playing fun mini-games

More than 30 kinds of recipes

You have access to over 30 different recipe types. Other options include beef fried rice with carrots, beef fried rice with eggs, and vegetable stir-fries with beef and shrimp. On the game screen, each component is readily visible. You can easily find all the cooking ingredients, and the gaming UI is self-explanatory. The game also includes fantastic sound effects, adding realism and enjoyment.

Serve your cooking to everyone at your restaurant.

Customers can be served food, and you can make money doing it. With the money you deserve, you may expand the menu at your restaurant. To draw in more clients, you might also renovate your restaurant. You’ll need to earn enough money to pay for the improvements. The game has three levels: novice, average, and expert. After finishing the introductory level, you can access the following one. There will be many obstacles for you to overcome at each stage. An online leaderboard for the game displays your position in terms of money earned and points achieved.

Compete in weekly events

Participate in weekly competitions to win coins and other prizes! Check back frequently to see what’s new because the situation changes weekly. Also, you may employ people to work at your restaurant. They can service consumers and make money for you in exchange for a fee, which you will have to pay. You’ll make more money as you serve more can finish quests and open new game sections using your restaurant!

Decorate the kitchen with various items.

You can upgrade your kitchen as the game progresses and change your character’s appearance. You may alter the color of your chef’s attire or swap it out for a more stylish option. The game’s first objective is to make the ideal omelet. All the required supplies, such as eggs, milk, and cheese, are included, along with detailed instructions. It took me around 10 minutes to figure out what I was meant to do the first time I played the game.


Unlimited Money Cooking Mama MOD APK 

Throughout the game, there are several ways for you to make money. You may prepare and sell different delicacies, accept and fulfill side missions for villages to earn cash, or even plant crops. In Cooking Mama MOD APK, there are many methods to get money, but if you want an endless supply, follow this advice! A wonderful method to acquire coins and other incentives is through weekly events. There will be brand-new events that you may participate in every week. Before starting the game, properly read the rules and specifications for each event.


The game Cooking Mama MOD APK is fantastic. It features stunning visuals, simple controls, and fun mini-games. All this will keep you amused for hours because there are many combinations of recipes and loads of new things to uncover. The only negative is the frequent advertisements that crop up every time you play, so if you don’t mind, try them!


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