Cover Fire MOD APK1.23.30 (Unlimited Money) for Android

App NameCover Fire
PublisherViva Games Studios
Latest Version1.23.30


You are tasked with leading a battalion of veterans through guerrilla-controlled cities, deserts, and fields while destroying all foes using the game’s jaw-dropping visuals, arsenal, and offline gaming on your devices. If you enjoy shooting games, there are many amazing action games on the Internet. From there, you may use your smartphone to download your preferred shooting game and start playing. So we brought Cover Fire MOD APK a confusing game, today. It is the best game ever, full of action, shooting, battles, and other things you can enjoy. It works with Microsoft Windows, Apple iOS, Android, Nintendo Switch, and Macintosh operating systems.

Cover Fire

About Cover Fire MOD APK

Cover Fire MOD APK is one of the greatest shooting games available for mobile and other platforms. This game has been downloaded from the Google Play Store by more than 100 million people worldwide. You may call your most accurate shooter and engage in a fight here for the greatest shooting game experience on the battlefield. The game offers weaponry, including snipers, assault rifles, and marksman guns.

You can defeat everyone in offline chores using the realistic visuals and appropriate controls available here. You must continue engaging in sniper shooting battles in both the offline and online versions of the game. There will be a variety of battle scenarios, such as zombie attacks or sniper strikes, to better protect you. Use the game’s narrative mode to explore certain tension branching.

Features of Cover Fire: fun shooting games

Everything about Cover Fire is covered in the discussion above. Participants must develop a plan to win this game. You can employ strong military tools to expand your arsenal and abilities while using all your talents to succeed in battle. According to your needs, upgrade your weaponry. There are several planned activities where participants must exterminate zombies and aid in keeping people safe. Join forces with gamers from around the globe. Utilize the premium features that have been enabled, which are advantageous to all players. Please inform us about them.

Shooting Adventure

Players in the game must exhaust all available equipment and weapons supplies before they can begin attacking their opponents. You must improve and personalise your talents and armour to advance in the game. The game provides magnificent firearms and effective sniper weaponry to dominate opponents and project power. The most important player in the game is Gredanes since he cooperates the most. It also offers certain weapons so your gamers can appear like professional equipment.

Shooting Adventure

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Sniper Tournaments

The game includes daily and weekly sniper matches where you may compete against friends or other gamers worldwide at the national or international level. Each season features a leaderboard scale addressing the top players in your country or on the global stage. It would be helpful if you attempted to rank at the top of such lists. You can win as many battles as you like.

Zombie and Other Events

A zombie event will be set up as you play the game where you must fight the zombies. You can use your weapons and your best efforts to save the survivors and transport them to secure locations. Zombies will be coming your way in hordes. So, it would be best if you were prepared to find, kill, and eliminate them.

Online and Offline Mode

You may interact with other performers in various online and offline settings when playing Cover Fire MOD APK. There are more than fourteen chapters in the story mode, which allows you to play and explore the game. Other activities include army operations, shooting helicopters with powerful weapons, and many others. Also, you may drive vehicles across the battlefield and use sniper guns to take down enemies.

Online and Offline Mode


Unlimited Money and Gold

When playing this game, you must use real money to buy necessary items, such as guns, equipment, and other components. Nevertheless, if you download the updated version of this program, you’ll receive an endless supply of gold or money. You may use it to purchase anything with it.

Unlimited Money and Gold


We have finished our discussion of the Cover Fire MOD APK. It would help if you defended the planet from zombie assaults in this situation. Destroy your gaming opponents who are attempting to kill you. Make use of all the premium, unlocked features that will benefit everyone. Improve your firearms and other weapons that will help you hurt your adversaries. I hope everyone enjoys this action-shooting game.

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