What is Custom Room in Free Fire?

In Free Fire, a “custom room” is a private match that allows players to invite their friends and play together in a customized game. Custom rooms enable players to set their own rules, such as the map, game mode, and other settings, and play the game according to their preferences.
Players can create rooms using the “Custom Room” option in the lobby. To make a custom room, you need to have the required in-game currency (diamonds) and can set a room name and password for added security. You can then invite your friends to join the room by sharing the room name and password with them.
Custom rooms are an excellent way for players to play with their friends in a private and customized game. They offer a lot of flexibility and allow players to tailor the game to their preferences.

how to make custom room in free fire

To create a custom room in Free Fire, follow these steps:
Start the Free Fire game and tap on the “Custom Room” option in the lobby.
Select the “Create” option on the Custom Room screen.
Set the desired room name, password (optional), and other settings. You can also invite friends to join the room by sending them the room name and password.
Once you have set all the desired settings, tap on the “Create Room” button to create the custom room.
Please note that you must have the required in-game currency (diamonds) to create a custom room. You can purchase diamonds using real money or earn them by completing in-game events and missions.

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