Free Fire Headshot And Auto Headshot Setting 2023

Do you want the most effective Free Fire Headshot setting? Then this is the article for you. If you shoot 4-5 bullets into the enemy’s head, he will die. That is why everyone wants to learn how to use auto headshot settings in the free fire. If you’re interested in learning more about Free Fire Headshot Hack, I’ve included some best settings for an auto headshot in this article. Continue reading to learn more about headshot. So, without further ado, let’s get started.

What is Headshot, And Auto Headshot In Free Fire

First and foremost, we must distinguish between auto headshots and headshots in the free fire. If our bullet hits the enemy’s head, it is referred to as a kill shot in gaming jargon. Because it is difficult to hit the enemy’s head with a  because the enemy moves, many players use an auto headshot or free fire headshot hack, which helps them improve their in-game aiming skill.

free fire headshot settings


Now I’ll show you some of the best Hack that you can use to improve your aiming skills. Remember, I am not going to share any unethical or illegal methods. I’m just going to show you some sensor and control setup. They are risk-free and officially recommended by Garena free fire, so you can employ them with confidence.

Free Fire Headshot Using Sensitivity settings

The free fire relies heavily on sensitivity. It can be difficult to target the enemy’s head if you are not using the proper sensitivity, so it is critical to set the proper sensitivity.



The touch response of your smartphone’s display is referred to as sensitivity. If your sensitivity is low, you should touch your smartphone screen smoothly; if your sensitivity is high, you should touch your smartphone screen harshly.

I’ve included the best sensitivity settings for free fire below. Apply them exactly as instructed below.

1.Start the free fire game.
2.Now, in the top right corner, click the Settings icon.
3.Now, in the settings, select the sensitivity option.
4.Set the sensitivity to the following:
5.General: 41
6.85 red dot 2X AWM Scope: 23 4X Scope: 20 Scope:10
7.It will improve your gun scope aiming ability after you apply these settings.

Free Fire Hack Using Controls settings

The Control option contains some hidden settings. If you enable them, your Aiming skills will instantly improve.

  1. Start the free fire game.
  2. Now, in the top right corner, click the Settings icon.
  3. Now In the settings menu, select the Controls option.
  4. Now, make the changes listed below.
  5. Activate the Fire Button – Scope Only
  6. On AWM Sniping, Quick Reload – Hold Fire to Scope
  7. On/Off Switch Gun
    These settings will now function as a free fire event headshot hack. Simply start a match, and you will notice a noticeable difference in your aim, and the majority of your bullets will automatically connect with the enemy’s head.

Free fire headshot settings

Nowadays, most people use Custom HUD. You can customise all action buttons in free fire using the HUD, but there are some HUD free fire headshot settings that are as follows –


  1. Start the free fire game.
  2. Now, in the top right corner, click the Settings icon.
  3. Now In the settings menu, select the Controls option.
  4. Now Select Custom HUD.
  5. Find the Pet emotes button in Custom Hud and place it in the centre, where the Gun scoop
  6. appears now. Change the size of the buttons to 29% and the transparency to 49%.
  7. Now, press the Save Free Fire Headshot Settings button.
    You can now use the pet emote button to predict which direction the bullet will travel if you press the fire button. This setting will be extremely useful when using AWS or any sniper rifle. To Get Unlimited Free Diamonds In Free Fire, Click Here (10000 diamonds instant free)

There is no such thing as a free fire headshot hack app; it is just a rumour. Instead, you can use another free fire headshot

Hacker app that is both safe and obtainable on the Play store.

  1. For free fire, look for GFX Tool.
  2. Download it from the Google Play store.
  3. Install and launch the app now.
  4. You will be presented with two options after opening the app. If you’re playing free fire on
  5. your phone, go with the first option.
  6. After that, you will see all of your device’s information. Click Continue.
  7. After you click Continue, you will be presented with the best settings for free fire auto headshot
  1. 23 general
  2. 2X Scope:
  3. 27 4X Red dot:
  4. 66 AWM Scope
  5. : 20 Scope:

Please keep in mind that the free fire headshot sensitivy only works with Samsung and Xiaomi devices.

One tap headshot free fire

Every free fire player can benefit from the one tap  trick. This trick is difficult, but with daily practise, you can master it.

For one tab headshot, move your joystick buttons.

When you fire bullets at enemies, push your Fire button joystick up, and your gun’s crosshair will automatically move to the enemy’s head for one tab headshot. This trick is effective with SMG and AR Ammo weapons. For the best results, try this trick with Mp40 and M4A1 weapons.

For a one-tap headshot, use the trigger button.

The triggers button is a mobile accessory that can be attached to your phone. The Triggers Button allows players to use all four of their fingers instead of just two thumbs. You can fire bullets while also opening the scoop. It also boosts movement and character speed. You can easily clutch with the pro squad if you increase your movement speed. Activates Button You can easily buy them at any online store, and the price of trigger buttons is very low.

Best sensitivity for free fire auto headshot

  1. General: 43
  2. Red dot: 75
  3. 2X Scope: 29
  4. 4X Scope: 19
  5. AWM Scope:13

Best headshot sensitivity in free fire

  1. General: 47
  2. Red dot: 50
  3. 2X Scope: 82
  4. 4X Scope: 86
  5. AWM Scope: 0

Free fire  hack script download

There is nothing like free fire headshot hack script download. Theses days, you can’t download any free fire hack because the game is now more secure, so no script will work. I do not recommend or advise using any script for free-fire headshots. Get the DJ Alok character in free fire by clicking here.

headshot hack script



1.Which free fire sensitivity is best for auto headshot 2023?

If you’re using a phone with 4GB of RAM, you should check the sensitivity of your mobile display before using any auto headshot settings. You can easily apply any setting mentioned in this article if you check the sensitivity of your smartphone. If you want to use this sensitivity, open free fire and go to settings. Select sensitivity. Customize the sensitivity now. You are now ready to launch a powerful headshot at your enemies.

2.How do I adjust the sensitivity in Free Fire

It is simple to adjust the sensitivity in free fire. Open Garena Free Fire and select Settings. Find the sensitivity option. Change the sensitivity to suit your needs. Sensitivity options for free fire are limited. Experiment with different levels of sensitivity to see which settings work best for auto headshot.

3.Link to free fire headshot   

The freeFire app is available for download from the Google Play store. Here is a direct download link for your convenience.

4.What is the best free fire sensitivity for 1GB RAM, 2GB RAM, 3GB RAM, and 4GB RAM in 2023?

Before using any sensitivity in free fire, try to resolve any ping and lag issues on your phone so that all auto  sensitivity works properly. If your auto headshot is using your default sensitivity, try to keep it that way. If your auto headshot trick and sensitivity are not working properly, you can easily change and customise them

5.Fire Away! Is your auto-headshot setting not working?

The auto headshot bug in most weapons has been fixed in the latest update. However, it is still working on shotguns and the M4A1 gun. Examine your Ping If it exceeds 80MS, no auto headshot trick will work. The main reason for not working auto headshot setting and sensitivity is if your phone lags.

6.Download free fire auto ?

As previously stated, you cannot download auto headshot for free apk; instead, you must use some of the best settings and sensitivity to improve your aiming skills.

7.APK  auto headshot?

There are far too many apps on the Google Play store that offer auto  apk settings for free fire. But keep in mind that you should only download the free fire  app from the Google Play Store and not from any other unverified source.


I hope you enjoyed this Hack article. I just shared some of the best  auto headshot settings in this article, which will help you kill your enemies with a  in . I am confident that you will apply all of the settings described in this article to your free Fire account. Please spread the word about this article. It will also assist them in determining the best sensitivity for  auto headshot. You can click here to unlock all Gloo wall skins in free fire for free.

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