Idle Army Base MOD APK 3.1.0 (Free Shopping) for Android

App NameIdle Army Base
PublisherNeon Play
Latest Version3.1.0
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Are you prepared to construct the world’s most magnificent army base? Play the game Idle Army Base MOD APK : Tycoon to accomplish precisely that. You may either create an army base from scratch or improve one already available. You may hire soldiers, make greater upgrades to them, and give them new weapons to wield. A ton of upgrades are available for every kind of soldier and other soldiers (including snipers, engineers, and even ninjas! ). As a result, whether you want to assemble a large or small army, you will have everything you need. What is the highlight of this game? It is free!

Idle Army Base MOD APK

What is Idle Army Base?

Tycoon is an idle/incremental game where you may construct an army base and earn a ton of money. Your biggest adversary in this game is time. You can create an army of soldiers in the game, give them as many upgrades as possible, and then send them into war with other players. The game aims to create the most powerful army while advancing your abilities by training your soldiers and using them in combat. Also, you may form alliances with other players and battle other coalitions with them!

Features of Idle Army Base

There are many amazing features of the game that you should know about. Here are some of our favorites:

Fully customizable characters and army 

You can customize your soldiers by changing their skin color and outfits and choosing different weapons to use in battle. The more you play Idle Army Base, the more items you’ll unlock that allows for even more customization!

Fun and unique gameplay

The game is enjoyable, and many features keep you occupied for hours. You’ll need to check back often to see how your army is doing in battle!

Idle Army Base MOD APK Fun and unique gameplay

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An engaging storyline

The game has a great story that will keep you interested as you progress through the levels. You’ll also be able to unlock new characters and items as you play!

Great for all ages

The game is enjoyable to play, simple enough for smaller children to enjoy, and quick to pick up, making it perfect for older children and adults. There are several features that will keep you busy for a very long time.

Earn idle cash and make a profit

The game is great since it’s more than a straightforward idle game. By playing, you may earn money that you can spend to purchase more improvements or stuff. You may sell the items you’ve unlocked or won in combat for even more money!

Hire army managers for your idle army base

A fantastic army-building tool in the game lets you employ managers. These managers will aid in developing your army and increasing your income. It’s a fantastic way to earn cash while having fun!

Hire army managers for your idle army base


Unlock new characters, items, and upgrades

There are several unlockable characters and things in this game. They may be purchased or earned through gaming. Certain modifications can help you earn even more money while away from home. The ideal strategy to earn money when you’re not near your phone is to build your army base and defeat various foes.

Train Your Army Into Mighty Warriors

In this game, Build your army into mighty warriors by training them. You can teach them differently, depending on which upgrades you’ve unlocked.


In this entertaining idle strategy game, you may develop your base, enter a dark fantasy land, and eliminate all your foes. Develop your army and become a master in this idle strategy game! Build your base, train your soldiers, and engage in epic battles with your foes.

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