Idle Kingdom Defense MOD APK 1.3.6 (Unlimited Money)

App NameStormX
GenreRole Playing
Latest Version1.3.6


Idle Kingdom Defense MOD APK is the perfect device option if you enjoy playing games set in the medieval era and want endless fun without spending any money. It is a tower defense strategy game with a slow economy. You can construct a kingdom, raise armies, and protect it from intruders. You can train various soldiers in the game to employ against foes. To improve your kingdom, you can also gather resources, update your structures, and learn about new technologies.

Idle Kingdom Defense MOD APK

About Idle Kingdom Defense MOD APK

In the casual strategy game  Westland Survival Mod APK you must construct and preserve your kingdom while fending off invading monsters. It is your responsibility to gather troops, equip them with the latest weapons, and then dispatch them into battle against hordes of invading monsters. Choose carefully because, as the game goes on, you’ll be able to acquire more soldiers with various skills and attributes.

Knight, Archer, or Mage are the three classes you can select from. Choosing the proper one for your play style is critical because each has advantages and disadvantages. For instance, mages have a high magic defense but are not very effective at taking out enemy soldiers; knights are good at taking out enemy troops but have a low magic defense; and archers can repel enemy troops and magic assaults but lack physical strength.

Idle Kingdom Defense MOD APK About Idle Kingdom Defense MOD APK

Features of Idle Kingdom Defense

In the free-to-play idle game Idle Kingdom Defense MOD APK, you may build up your army, outfit them with lethal weaponry, and dispatch them on raids. You will gain more money and resources the more victories you have. Afterwards, you may buy improvements for your soldiers or create new ones that suit your playstyle with these resources. In Idle Kingdom Defense, there are many different types of units. Some cost less than others but have lower stats, while others cost more but have higher stats. Some units also have passive (like healing) or active (like fireballs) abilities, making them significantly more effective against particular enemies than others.

Become a king in a mysterious world

In this game, you may establish your kingdom and rise to the position of king. Also, you can engage in combat and discover the stunning and enigmatic universe. Support heroes come in six different categories: Attackers are those who launch attacks on other kingdoms. They cause the greatest harm but are not good at defending your kingdom.

Command strong warrior heroes

It is a traditional strategy game. The wisest course of action would be to construct your kingdom, safeguard it, and enlarge it by capturing more castles. The main objective of this idle game is to build an army of warrior heroes to defend your kingdom from enemy invasions and expand into other lands. With the help of powerful warrior heroes equipped with various powers, you may destroy opposing soldiers in this military strategy game. They may be utilized for both home defense and several fronts of conquering battles.

Idle Kingdom Defense MOD APK Command strong warrior heroes

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Fight alongside powerful support heroes.

The heroes that aid you in combat are known as support heroes. Support heroes can be leveled up and upgraded to boost their power. Also, you may send support heroes on an expedition to attack other kingdoms or employ them to protect your own. You may advance in the game by completing a range of missions that the game will assign you. Along with farming, you may go on excursions with your loved ones.

Nurture your Archer Corps

The most effective units in your army are the Archer Corps. They need to be nourished as a result. The archery range is where archers may be upgraded to a higher level and trained to the fullest extent possible, utilizing archery training manuals. The archery range is used to teach archers, and archery training manuals may be used to advance them to a higher level.

Idle Kingdom Defense MOD APK Nurture your Archer Corps

Conquer various continents in Conquest Wars

The game’s Conquest Wars are an integral component. You can invade other players’ kingdoms in Conquest Warfare to get resources. These resources can be used to strengthen your kingdom and heroes. Campaigns, Onslaught, and Battle Royale are the three game modes available in Conquest Wars. Read the fine print before beginning, since each mode has unique guidelines for victory or defeat.

Offline rewards can be piled up with the game turned off.

You receive benefits for playing this game, but the more you play, the greater your rewards. For instance, there is a possibility that your castle will be stronger the next time goblins assault it (which occurs every four hours) if you spend $10 on gold and use it to enhance it to level 3 within 24 hours of beginning the game!

Idle Kingdom Defense MOD APK Offline rewards can be piled up with the game turned off.

Unlimited Money

You may play Idle Kingdom Defense APK anytime, whenever, and without restrictions on how much time or money you spend. Depending on how much effort and collaboration are put into each update, you may go through the stages as swiftly or slowly as you choose. Even so, the only similarity between this game and others like it that are now accessible on the Google Play Store is that they give consumers comparable sensations (ease of play). However, there are still certain distinctions between these two categories of games, which will be discussed further in this article.


The strategy game Idle Kingdom Defense MOD APK has a captivating plot. It is based on a renowned book about the kingdom and its people. Your character, a royal guard essential to defending the kingdom from hostile forces aiming to take it over, is the main protagonist. Several diverse missions in the game may be performed in access mode. Also, you may play them in narrative mode to learn more about the characters and their characteristics.

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