Jai’s character in Free Fire with Skill and Ability

Jai is a character in the popular mobile game Free Fire. He is a member of the “Agency” faction and is described as a former member of the Indian special forces. Jai can increase his damage resistance and revive himself once per match. He is a good character for players who prefer to play aggressively and take on enemies head-on.

Jai’s Skill and Ability in Free Fire

Jai’s skill in Free Fire is called “Arms Depot.” It increases his damage resistance and allows him to revive himself once per match. Jai’s damage resistance is increased by 35% for 5 seconds when activated. Once the duration ends, Jai will revive with a certain amount of HP. The HP amount that Jai receives increases as the skill level increases. Jai’s skill has a cooldown of 300 seconds.

Jai's Skill and Ability in Free Fire

In addition to his skill, Jai has a passive ability called “Bulletproof.” This ability increases Jai’s damage resistance by an additional 10% when his HP is below 50%. This can be useful in situations where Jai is low on health and needs to withstand enemy attacks.

Overall, Jai’s skill and ability make him a tough and resilient character who can withstand much damage and keep fighting in the face of danger.

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