Download Doodle Army 2 – Mini Militia MOD APK 2023 Version (v5.4.2) Unlimited Everything & All Unlocked

App NameDoodle Army 2:Mini Militia
Latest Version5.4.2
Download available


Doodle Army 2 – Mini militia Mod Apk has become the most popular game for all generations, especially youth and school-going Boys& Girls. Mini Militia is a multiplayer shooting battle against 49 real-time players worldwide to win by defending the combat. This adventurous game is exciting and now has 500 Million + Download on the Play store. All age people love to play these fantastic games; the reason for Love them is that the Mini Militia Old version Provides very Relaxation and Peaceful entertainment. You can get multiple action games on the internet, but very few games are genuine and famous. So Mini Militia Apk is Too Best for you to speed up your time well. Don,t Waist Your Actual time. Go to the link and download Mini Militia crack version And Enjoy free features Like Unlimited Ammo, Nitro, Money, Health, etc.

What is Mini Militia Mod Apk?

Mini Militia Mod Apk is a wonderful feature of the doodle army game. This feature has unlimited advantages for the user. So if you want to get awareness about all benefits and apply them in the future while playing the game, then go to the mini militia advantage section.

Mini Militia Mod Apk

Features Of Mini Militia Apk

 Play Mini Militia Andriod Game on your phone or PC and enjoy available features.

Unlimited Nitro;

 You need nitro Gass to activate your air shuttle by flying high by playing the game. You can use free Endless nitro to face all difficulties during gameplay.

Unlimited Nitro;

Custom Aviator;

Players can customize aviators for free during the game. With this feature, users also can have fun in the game with play friends.

Custom Aviator;

Unlimited Weapons

In this game, all related heavy weapons are available. Players can fight enemies with these weapons without any tension. A vast army is the latest gun, available only for old players, sometimes in challenging situations. New players can also use this gun with permission. By playing with an expert, you can get good battle experience.

Unlimited Weapons

Unlimited Ammo;

In the Battle, the player can reload Mini Militia weapons in challenging situations while fighting the game with Ammo. This feature will also help to win Battles easily.

Unlimited Ammo;

Reward Collection;

By Playing the Game, players can receive a reward or prize. This reward can also be used to purchase unlimited things, Like Golden, Coins, Weapons, Bullets, Dresses, or other essential items from the mini militia store.

Reward Collection;

Unlimited Health;

With mini militia unlimited health, you are 100% safe from enmies.No one bullet can damage your body in the game.

Unlimited Health;


Mini Militia Maps have different Roles in Mini Militia 3 Game. Users can use 20+ Types of Maps in the game to get extra enjoyment.

Available Tricky Maps List

  • Outpost
  • Catacombs
  • Subdivision
  • Undermine
  • Cliff hanger
  • Overseer
  • Pyramid
  • Snowblind
  • Hightower
  • No Escape
  • Bottleneck
  • So long
  • Lunarcy
  • Suspension
  • Crossfire
  • Icebox

Multiplayer Game

If you feel sad or Borment playing lonely, you can benefit from the mini militia multiplayer feature. This game can be great fun with the help of multiplayer.

No Ads

Feel Relax; this game is entirely free of advertisements. You can play without any disturbances.

No Ads

Play Offline and Online

Mini Militia offline and online modes also include in the game. Old and new users can enjoy two types of Modes. If you are facing an internet, solid issue user can use offline Mod.

Unlocked Versions;

In Mini Militia Mod, Multiple Unlock Versions are Available. Players can use this premium version for free after it is cracked.

Mini Militia Hack Feature

Unlimited Health Hack

The Mini Militia Game has some critical roles to play. A Mini Militia Unlimited Health Hack is a health-improvement system when some bad players cross the function and heart or decrease the health value of players. So players can use hacks to improve their health without investing.

mini militia hack download

The result of the hack is that when an enemy hits the mini militia player in the game, the health of the MM player is not damaged, and the player is not dead in the game with the help of the hack feature. Do you know the way we are sharing hack tips with you? If not, let me explain some things about the mini militia hack. These tips only aim to help you understand how Mini Militia Unlimited Health Hack works in the game and what benefits the user can get.

Wall Hack

Do you need to walk to the enemy’s fire on the other side of the wall? If yes, be potions here; we will provide you with a free mini militia wall hack, Mod Apk. This feature will help you achieve a goal quickly. With wall hack mini militia, players can fire without tension and kill their opponent in the game without spending a single penny. Conversely, when your enemies fire on you to kill or degrade your health,you will be entirely safe from the enemy’s fire. For No Dought, we can say hacking is a magick feature in the game, but by completing this process, you should know how mini militia wall hacks work.

Good Mod

Mini Militia Good Mod Apk is the latest and has beautiful features. You Don,t need to search anywhere in the game. If you need anything or an element, only check MM Good Mod Feature and type anything related fun in the search box. Hopefully, you will get your required item.

Mini Militia Good Mod Apk

Good Mod has all the latest items about Doodle army two, like hack, unlimited everything, special weapons, booms etc.

 Speed Hack

Speed Hack is a New feature added to the game recently.

  • First of all, you need to know about this speed hack feature. What is a speed hack? What is the purpose of speed hack?
  • Let Me explain the purpose of speed hack First. 
  • With New Feature, you can increase the speed; the Mini Militia speed hack allows users to move fast than the original mini militia game.
  • Using this feature, you can get fast maps or other needed precise aim, infinite ammo, and also increase the amount of damage.

Others Important Modes

Awareness of all modes is essential for all users, so here we share more important methods with you. I hope these modes will help you when playing the game.


  • This game can be played in solo mode same like multiplayer.


  • A single person can play in a survival Mod and perform well than in multiplayer.

Latest Avatars

  • Clown
  •  Samurai
  •  Viking

Hack Weapons

  • rocket launcher
  • sniper rifle
  • laser
  • saw gun

 Power Blower Mod Apk Feature

  • 7x Zoom
  • 9 Bullets Per Shot
  • Store Items Purchased
  • 6x Heath
  • Rocket As Bomb
  • First Gun Tavor

Special Mini Militia Crazy Mod Features

  • Variety of different modes
  • Play with up to 12 players online
  • intense gaming experience
  • A large number of maps
  • An active resident

Immortal Mod  Features

  • Root Acces
  • Compatibility
  • Death Sprayer
  • Bullet Pass Wall
  • MiniGun as 2nd Gun
  • Background Play
  • Saw from Emp
  • 4000 LAN Player Limit

 Invisible Mod Features

  • More pleasing graphics and arrangement
  • More additional power over your game avatar
  • Enhanced game technicians
  • Essential to exclusive content 

Real Dual  Features

  • Heightened shot capacity
  • Prompt reload times
  • More reasonable exactness
  • Unique skin for your avatar
  • An improved aiming system
  • Fundamental Dual Wield Mod

Mini Militia Characters with Avengers Infinity War MOD

  •  Popular Characters
  • Iron Man
  • Ant-Man
  • Captain America
  • Hawkeye
  • Thanes
  • Loki
  • Hulk
  • Winter Soldier
  • Thor
  • Black Panther

Complete Prose with Cons of mini militia one-shot kill And Cheats.


  • Best Gaming Experience
  • Fast Play 
  • Good Learning Process about Mod
  • Extra Features


  • Bad Customization Experience
  • Bad Server System
  • Old Maps

Related Modes of One -Shot Kill

  • Infinite Nitro 100% trabajando
  • Simple Mod
  •  Kmods
  •  Crazy Mod
  •  Zoom Mod
  •  Ultra Guns Mod
  •  Real Dual Wield Mod
  • Respawn Mod
  •  WWE Mod
  • Mortal V3 Mod
  •  Machete (Knife) Rain Mod
  • All Gun Rain Mod
  •  Immortal Mod
  •  One Shot Kill Mod
  • Unlimited zoom
  • Unlimited Speed
  • No Reload
  • Unlimited upgrades
  • Triple Damage
  • Unlimited Boost
  • sahad ikr old version
  • Mod Shd
  • Pro pack unlocked for pc
  • Become indestructible
  • Happy Mod Pro
  • Cold-blooded Military
  • 2D Shooter
  • Multiplayer combat warfare
  • customizations for your characters
  • simple 2d graphics
  •  animation-themed
  • Single player
  • online sessions
  • humorous and breathtaking platform shooter
  • alongside six players
  • Unknown source option
  • Super Mega Mod by Phoenix
  • Multi Damage, Defense
  • fun-filled border-
  • FF 3
  • green
  • hackeado
  • blue apk
  • Protect or security system
  • No jailbreak
  • Mini Militia Android Emulators For Windows
  • dual-to-wield ability

Mini Militia Chat Codes

Players can use all available chat codes in the chatroom or other severe cases; if you do not follow the mini militia Pink Guideline, then the mini militia team is not responsible for your activities.

  • Chief of the Army – Chat Code: duke
  • No Reloading – Chat Code: tootsie pop
  • 8,000 Battle Points – Chat Code: sticky crab
  • Auto Shield – AS-197io12HTV
  • Melee Attack – MA-RDi027474
  • Extra Bullets – EB-RLi97Typ4
  • Battle points – MG_lp85n3qFt5

Chat Commands

  • GG: 
  • GM:
  • NS: 
  • WP: 
  • NM: 
  • GS:
  • LG: 
  • BI: 
  • HH:
  • CB:

Designer Codes

  • Auto Shield – AS-197io12HTV
  • Melee Attack – MA-RDi027474
  • Extra Bullets – EB-RLi97Typ4
  • Weapon Upgrade – WU-MN45789

Cheats Free Weapons

  • Reward: 
  • AK 46,
  •  Bazooka,
  •  Sniper, 
  • MI6, 
  • Caliber,
  •  Grenades

Modifications in the latest V 5.4.0

  • Latest Zoom System
  • Play custom Game
  • Challenging to

MM Super Patcher Apk Mods

  • Commander in Chief
  • Magic melee punch
  • Secondary and primary gun selector
  • QpMod server selector.
  • Hide from Proxy Bomb
  • Faking skills level
  • Sarge’s weapon
  • No Gravity
  • Any bomb from the mirror launcher

How Download Mini Militia Mod Apk For For Andriod Phone or Pc?

Dear users Don,t Feel Borment; we are here and sharing the complete process of Mini Militia Mod App downloading with you. That is a straightforward process that allows you to install and play quickly.

  • Go to Download Link and click on the button, and you will be able to download the game.
  • The doodle game starts downloading immidealtiy.
  • Once the downloading process has been successfully done.
  • Now Go to the phone, change the setting, and allow downloading unknown sources from the phone settings.
  • Check your downloading Files.
  • Click More to install Mini Militia Neeraj Mod on your cellphone or Desktop.
  • As installation is complete, you can enjoy this game.

 Final Words

Mini Militia Mod Apk is one of the best shooting games for action game lovers on Andriod phones or PC. With the best graphics, fantastic audio, and other suitable gameplay features, the mini militia apk has become an enjoyable game. If you like to play an action game, Mod Apk Mini Militia is best for you.

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What is mini militia mega mod apk?

We can’t explain about super mega mod because this mod is coming soon in the MM gaming market. But according to the promo of this game, I can shortly explain this is about Mini Militia Weapons with unlimited bullets.

How to invite your friends to Doodle Army 2 Game?

If you like to play this game with friends, first, you need to send a joining invitation. When your friends accept the invitation, they can also use a private chat room.

How to buy items?

To purchase anything in a mini militia Mod Apk is too easy if you have some credits in a mini militia account or coins. You can complete buying process very simply.

  1. Go to Mini Militia Store.
  2. Select Need Item
  3. Pay cost
  4. Get Items


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