New Top-up Event In Free Fire [2023]

Greetings and welcome to today’s article, folks. This article will discuss some recent New Top-up Event In Free Fire and Free Fire Max changes. To ensure you get the precise and correct information we wish to impart, read the entire document from beginning to end without skipping a single word.

Well, folks, today we will discuss the specifics of the recently added top-up event on your Indian server. Older top-up events with three things—two cosmetics and armor—were recently excluded. This time, there is a lovely surprise for you, and it has come during a noteworthy week.

New Top-up Event In Free Fire – The Valentine’s Top-up

Thus, friends, the brand-new top-up Event has begun on this unique Valentine’s Day occasion. The same will therefore be intriguing. Learn more about the Valentine’s Top-up, a new top-up event in Free Fire.

Valentine’s Top-Up is the name of the new top-up occasion. While Valentine’s Day is the most logical topic for any item, it implies that the new products associated with this top-up Event are entirely based around it. Are you guys prepared to learn about it now?

List Of Top-up Bonus Rewards

Friends, the new top-up event will include two materials from the vault and armor categories. Locate the exact name in the list below, and you can also look at the pictures.

  1. Feathering Skin of the Backpack



  1. Sickly Sweet by Katana



How To Obtain The Top-up Bonus Rewards From New Top-up Event In Free Fire?

  • Join the game.
  • Visit the top-up page now.
  • Make a top-up of 310 diamonds if you’d like to get both top-up incentives.
  • By selecting 250 icons, 310 diamonds will be added to your account.
  • Now go to the payment page and complete your transaction.
  • You can now receive both prizes by visiting the top-up event page.


Hey, friends! This post is dedicated to the Valentine’s Top-Up, a new top-up event in Free Fire. I hope it turns out to be a useful article for you. Please join our mailing list to update us on Free Fire and Free Fire Max.

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