Who Is Richest Noob In Free Fire? [2023]

Do you know who the wealthiest moron in the Richest Noob In Free Fire is? If you still want to know who the richest novice in free fire is, keep reading until the end because we will reveal their identity. We will also tell you about his regular income, free fire ID, and other important information.

Garena Free Fire is quickly becoming one of India’s most popular battle royals games. As of October 2021, this video game has been downloaded over one billion times. The popularity of the Garena Free-Fire game is growing every day because of the game’s one-of-a-kind costumes, spectacular gun skins, and a great deal of other extraordinary stuff.

Who is the richest noob in the free fire?

“LOKESH GAMER” is the moniker of the free-fire player who has amassed the most wealth. If you are a fan of Garena Free Fire, then you are probably already familiar with this term.

The Indian gaming community regards Lokesh as the most popular YouTuber in the country. The moniker “Lokesh Gamers” is what he has given to his official channel on YouTube. More than 900 films have been published on his official YouTube account, and he has around 13.2 million subscribers.

Fans of Loesh Gamer have named this player “the richest newbie in free fire.” This YouTuber must be better known for their gaming prowess or gameplay on their channel. Instead, he is famous for transferring money into the free-fire game so that other players may buy gun skins, elite passes, and other premium stuff from him.

When the topic of the richest players of free fire in the Indian community is brought up, the LOKESH GAMER always occupies a prominent position at the top of the list. He buys many things with his money, including diamonds, several kinds of skins, and various other products. Because he admitted in one of his videos that he had spent almost 17 lakhs of rupees on badges, LOKESH GAMER is widely regarded as the wealthiest novice in the Garena free fire community.




Lokesh Gamer Stats

Lokesh Gamer Stats


Lokesh Gamer has spent a significant amount of time playing Free Fire Max. The following are the statistics of Lokesh Gamer’s Free Fire id from the beginning of season 1 to the day when this article was published:

Clash Squad Statistics Overview


DUO Matches Statistics

Final Words

Under the account that belongs to Lokesh Gamer, there are presently more than 54000 diamonds accessible for use. He may use those gems to participate in forthcoming free-fire events such as the diamond and weapon royals. Several gamers aspire to purchase diamonds in Free Fire, and one guy named Lokesh Gamer has more than 54 thousand diamonds. Because of this, he is a very wealthy Free Fire player.

The Lokesh player is a newcomer to free fire. He spends most of his diamonds on free-fire events, and most of his videos are of those events. But, compared to other well-known free-fire players, his talents could be more impressive. This is why gaming videos are not uploaded to his channel, and he is known as the wealthiest novice on Free Fire. Although he does make live appearances on his channel from time to time, his viewers prefer to watch him collect rather than watch him play.

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