Stick Cricket Live 21 MOD APK v2.1.5 (Menu/Always 6/Auto hit )

APP NameStick Cricket Live
PublisherStick Sports Ltd
GenreSports Games


An online cricket game is called Stick Cricket Live MOD APK. You may play with people worldwide, including your friends, family, and coworkers. Get ready to play one of the most thrilling and realistic online cricket games ever on your smartphone or tablet! This is a free Android game with the option of in-app purchases. Stick Sports Ltd. created Stick Cricket Live, available for download through the Google Play Store.

Stick Cricket Live MOD APK

About Stick Cricket Live MOD APK

The most popular cricket game worldwide is Stick Cricket Live Mod APK. You may compete against gamers worldwide and your friends in this sports game. Excellent features include career mode, tournaments, single-player options, and multiplayer gameplay. Offers a superior user experience, elevating it beyond other cricket games on the Play Store. There are many other ways to play, like the World Cup T20 2016 mode, 20/20 Internationals, ODI Series, etc. Your team’s logo and jersey color may both be changed!

Features of Stick Cricket Live

One of the most well-known cricket games on Android, the game has been downloaded by millions of users throughout the globe. You may create a new character or play as your favorite cricket player. You may play the game offline and online, and it is accessible to Android and iOS users. Also, this game offers a variety of modes, including T20, One Day Internationals (ODIs), and others. The company that created it, Stick Sports Ltd., also created Stick Cricket 19 Pro APK Download, which has been downloaded by more than 10 million people worldwide.

Stick Cricket Live MOD APK Stick Cricket Live

Play real-time 1v1 multiplayer

Stick Cricket Live lets you compete against friends, family, and others worldwide in real-time 1v1 multiplayer games. You may pick your opponent’s skill level when playing Stick Cricket Live MOD APK. You can challenge someone to a match far ahead of you in skill levels or at a comparable level.

Customize your 3D character.

A 3D player character that may be customized. Choose from a variety of headgear, jewelry, and hairstyles. Adapt your skin tone to your preferred playing style. Wear various clothes, such as t-shirts, shorts, shoes, and more! Moreover, pick from a variety of cricket bats. Some are lighter than others, so pay attention to your energy level while deciding which one best fits your playing style!

Unlock 3D cricket stadiums. Stick Cricket Live MOD APK 

You’ll be able to access more venues as you win games. Trophies may be obtained through viewing advertisements and fulfilling achievements. By paying coins, you may acquire these stadiums directly from the store. Play cricket games with friends online! Play online games against other players, and you’ll get paid extra if you win. You may also hold a competition with your friends.

Stick Cricket Live MOD APK Unlock 3D cricket stadiums.

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Always Perfect Hit

Stick Sports’ most recent game is Stick Cricket Live MOD APK. Are there four modes in this game? How can I get new stadiums unlocked in PES 2020? With friends or strangers, you may play in multiplayer mode. There are several different bats, balls, and stadiums available in the game. The ball is yours to hit wherever you like, and you may even beat it to any area of the field. Also, you may alter your player’s appearance by choosing their skin tone, hairdo, and jersey number. Up to eight people can play simultaneously in the multiplayer mode, which adds to the excitement as everyone tries their hardest to prevent one another from scoring points by leaving first.

Win to earn Prizes Stick Cricket Live MOD APK. 

To earn money in Stick Cricket Live, you must play the game. New characters, stadiums, and power-ups may all be purchased using these coins as rewards. Stick Cricket Live requires playing online matches against other players to score runs and take wickets to earn rewards. Stick Cricket Live MOD APK leaderboard system will increase your total position the more games you play and win (or lose).

Play a Wide range of epic cricket shots.

You must learn how to perform each of the many cricket shots available in the game. Leg-spinner, quick, slow, yorker, bouncer, googly, doosra, and off-break bowling are all options. Moreover, you may play chess and carrom. ‘un, a new stroke added to the game, is similar to an off-break but is bowled from the rear of the hand rather than the traditional wrist motion used to bowl an off-break.

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Stick Cricket Live MOD APK Play a Wide range of epic cricket shots.


a fantastic game called Stick Cricket Live. It contains many elements that will make you depend on this game. Download Stick Cricket Live Mod Apk immediately if you enjoy the sound of playing real-time 1v1 multiplayer, customizing your 3D avatar, unlocking 3D cricket venues, and earning rewards by winning matches in this game.



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